Driving Growth: Results from Email Marketing Activation for Crocodile Creek

Client HighlightsNovember 21, 2022
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After running paid social and paid search efforts for the toy brand, 1r Agency partnered with Crocodile Creek to activate a new channel to fuel holistic digital marketing growth. The agency owned the entire activation process which included the migration to Klaviyo, calendar planning, copywriting, and creative execution. Learn how 1r grew the brand’s subscriber base through retention strategies and acquisition.

Setting the Foundation

An effective tactic in paid social media involves reaching a wide audience through paid advertising to generate brand awareness and attract potential customers. This approach contributes to a rise in website traffic. To optimize this strategy, it's crucial to provide a clear pathway for visitors to sign up for the brand's email communications upon reaching the site. The act of signing up signifies their interest in the brand, enhancing the probability of making a purchase. This, in turn, positions them as a more qualified lead for conversion.

Before 1r Agency implemented email strategies, customers were signing up, but they weren't being guided through foundational flows that fostered their journey toward making a first purchase. During the brand's transition to a new email service provider, 1r Agency took steps to optimize deliverability by warming up their account. This involved sending regular campaigns to an initially engaged segment and gradually expanding it to a broader audience.

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The Strategic Approach

Once the foundation was set, 1r Agency built out the first core automation flow, commonly known as a brand's welcome series. This comprises a sequence of three emails scheduled at specific intervals following a customer's newsletter sign-up on the site, completion of a checkout, or subscription from the website footer. This welcome series serves as an immediate touchpoint for new customers, demonstrating that the brand is attentive and committed to engaging with them from the outset.

After launching the welcome series, the team proceeded to establish a continuous email cadence. This involved implementing email marketing campaigns that were dispatched at least once a week to the brand’s engaged segment or master list, depending on the content and subject matter of the email.

In alignment with Crocodile Creek’s email campaigns, 1r generated paid ad iterations for deployment through paid social channels. This strategy aims to establish interconnectivity between channels, reaching customers at various touch points with cohesive messaging. By leveraging the existing email marketing calendar, 1r streamlined the workflow and enhance efficiency. Rather than conceptualizing new ideas,1r integrated email content, producing supporting ads that complement and reinforce the messaging, thereby introducing a sense of novelty to the overall approach.

1r Agency assesses performance metrics against benchmarks, and as long as they consistently meet or exceed expectations, we proceed with expanding the other core automations for the account. These include the Abandon Cart Series, Abandon Checkout, Browse Abandon, and Core Post Purchase Flows, each tailored uniquely for the specific brand.

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The Results

1r Agency enhanced the signup experience on the website by optimizing both mobile and desktop interfaces. The messaging was revamped to be more engaging, clearly articulating the benefits of signing up. Additionally, the team incorporated lifestyle imagery that aligns with the brand, aiming to resonate with users and provide a visual representation of the associated perks.

Consequently, Crocodile Creek has experienced a remarkable 55% growth in their newsletter list, concurrent with the increase in site traffic. Moreover, they have successfully generated incremental revenue through email marketing, transforming this channel from a previously non-contributing element to a significant driver of overall sales.

In taking this approach, 1r Agency is in the process of constructing a proprietary owned list exclusive to the brand, allowing for consist nurturing and communication with these prospects for future sales. In contrast, in the realm of paid marketing, the brand lacked ownership of these prospects. The significance of growing Crocodile Creek’s owned list becomes evident when creating look-alike audiences for paid social campaigns. The larger the email subscriber list, the more substantial and effective the look-alike audiences become. The strategy enables the brand to extend their  reach through paid social by targeting audiences that closely resemble their engaged email subscribers, thus expanding the potential customer base.

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How 1r Can Help You

Establish a solid foundation for success by teaming up with 1r Agency. Engage with us for comprehensive email strategy and marketing execution. We provide end-to-end production services, encompassing email campaign planning, creative concepting, briefing, and the meticulous execution and build-out of campaigns. Harness the power of core automation to generate revenue even while you sleep. Let 1r elevate your email marketing game for unparalleled results.

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