Carhartt WIP Collabs Transcend Fashion Trends

In The NewsFebruary 27, 2023
The Carhartt brand has been around for decades but what makes them stand out is more than longevity. Perhaps most remarkably, they stay true to their roots by continuing to produce pieces that stick to the classic and authentic style they have become so well known for.

But what makes Carhartt WIP the best-selling brand that continues to top the charts and make news?
"The brand - a real old boy, in existence since 1889 - is having a moment in 2023”.


Workwear fashion that is equal parts functional and high-quality teams up to collaborate with brilliant designers and iconic names in fashion – making for everyday wardrobe staples as well as famous favorites of some of the biggest celebrities.
The latest collabs included:
Sacai x Carhartt WIP
Japanese luxury fashion brand Sacai debuted the new collection on the runway at this year’s Paris Fashion Week.

MARNI x Carhartt WIP

Italian-based, artistic and color-savvy, off-beat luxury fashion brand Marni released their collab in January.
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