SkinLocal’s Multi-Channel Strategy for Holiday

Client HighlightsNovember 21, 2023
SkinLocal Product Smear

1r Agency Blueprint: A Look Inside SkinLocal’s Multi-Channel Strategy for Holiday

Leading up to this holiday season, 1r partnered with skincare boutique, SkinLocal, to create a multi-channel strategy with one campaign as the catalyst for digital dissemination cross-channel. All successful multi-channel campaigns start with consistency. It’s vital to share similar messaging across multiple channels, allowing brands to capitalize on one piece of content. Also, it’s important to make sure that each message makes sense for each particular channel. An integrated approach is the only way to run digital and when you do, you start to see the uptick in new customers, brand awareness, sales, customer retention and loyalty, etc.

In this example, we will use the brand’s Holiday 2023 Gift Guide as the central piece of content that will be molded and iterated to fit the strategies and outputs for each digital channel. Through this example, we will show how a 360 and integrated approach to digital marketing is the best way to be successful.

SkinLocal Blog Landing Page

The Blog Post

Crafting a compelling 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, this blog post is meticulously designed for both in-clinic promotion and optimal visibility on SkinLocal's eCommerce store. The overarching goal is to create a long-form piece of content that serves as a rich source for SEO. This approach opens up numerous opportunities for incorporating target keywords and strategically placing internal links to enhance equity distribution across the site.

The SEO strategy extends beyond the confines of the brand's platform. This content will act as a cornerstone, laying the foundation for guest post outreach. By collaborating with other platforms and incorporating unique iterations of the content, we aim to avoid duplicate content issues while building a network of backlinks that will contribute to the overall domain authority.

A regular content cadence is a positive indicator to Google that the brand is keeping its site up-to-date, especially timely seasonal content. These types of strategies help to elevate positioning in Google search results.

SkinLocal Gift Guide Landing Page

Shoppable Landing Page

This Holiday Gift Guide eCommerce Landing Page serves as the destination for all digital campaigns to drive to in addition to our long-form content at the blog. 1r Agency strategically sends traffic into the shoppable landing page from targeted paid and email campaigns to drive conversion. This eCommerce page also provides an opportunity for SEO, where we can write unique core tags, optimize the collection page copy, and integrate target keywords.

SkinLocal Mobile View


After curating the comprehensive long-form content, 1r skillfully crafted a supporting email campaign, set to launch as a Gift Guide series. The series aims to strategically introduce SkinLocal's diverse product offerings and services ahead of the holiday season so customers will potentially come back and convert during the brand’s sale period. Our objective is to deliver the 2023 Holiday Gift Guide exclusively to our VIPs, seizing the opportunity to showcase the launch of Holiday Gifting and prompting our VIPs to kickstart their early holiday shopping. By offering them exclusive access to holiday best sellers before they run out and allowing them to beat the crowds and digital queues, the campaign will consist of three phases: Gift Guide, Gift Guide focused on e-commerce products, and Gift Guide focused on In-Clinic Services & Offerings. This series will serve as the precursor to our subsequent Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Giving Tuesday Series that will follow.

Organic Social

Although 1R does not formally offer organic social services at this juncture, we do advise brands to collaborate internally or with another agency to implement a supporting organic social strategy that will further fuel digital momentum cross-channel. An example of this amplification could be to leverage the curated content to generate multiple organic social media posts, each focusing on different facets of the gifting "umbrellas" to emphasize the 2023 gift guide as a whole and direct followers to the website. This approach not only boosts website traffic but also creates opportunities for additional email subscribers and conversions. Furthermore, it provides the paid social team with the chance to amplify the reach of an organic post through targeted promotion.

Paid Search & Social

While SkinLocal currently doesn't engage 1r for paid advertising, if such initiatives were pursued, here's a potential approach for leveraging the curated content across paid channels:

Paid Search:

  • Implement Promo Extensions on paid search (i.e. 2023 Holiday Gift Guide) as well as specifically targeting keywords related to the Gifting through branded & non-branded search campaigns. This approach not only drives reach and awareness through Google paid results but also optimizes visibility on search engine results pages, increasing the likelihood of attracting users actively seeking holiday gift ideas.

Paid Social:

  • Deploy static / video ads that prominently showcase the Gifting for Holiday through the umbrellas of the gift guide. Creative could be successive cards featuring categories from the gift guide or highlighting top gifts. This visual strategy aims to capture the audience's attention and generate interest in SkinLocal's holiday offerings with all ads sending prospects into the shoppable gift guide landing page.

Investing in paid social, particularly in the top-of-funnel stage, proves to be instrumental in not only generating increased site traffic but also in steering it towards a more qualified and targeted audience. As the campaigns evolve and the algorithms learn, the influx of qualified traffic to the site intensifies. This cyclical process is integral because, through these strategic efforts, we not only enhance site engagement but also establish a pathway to systematically expand our email list. The synergy between paid social, traffic generation, and list building completes a full circle, contributing to the overall success of our digital marketing strategy.

In summary, 1r Agency's approach to crafting SkinLocal's holiday multi-channel strategy involved a meticulous blend of content curation, email marketing, social media amplification, and a thoughtful plan for potential future paid advertising. The result was a comprehensive strategy poised to elevate SkinLocal's brand presence and drive success during the holiday season.

For further insights on how 1R Agency can enhance the multi-channel strategy for your brand, connect with us at or through our online form here. We look forward to exploring collaborative opportunities with you.